vii Statement by Governments
viii Foreword
ix Preface
1 Chapter 1 Context, Conceptual Framework and Sustainability Indicators
57 Chapter 2 Historical Analysis of the Effectiveness of AKST Systems in Promoting Innovation
145 Chapter 3 Impacts of AKST on Development and Sustainability Goals
255 Chapter 4 Outlook on Agricultural Changes and its Drivers
307 Chapter 5 Looking into the Future for Agriculture and AKST
377 Chapter 6 Options to Enhance the Impact of AKST on Development and Sustainability Goals
441 Chapter 7 Options for Enabling Policies and Regulatory Environments
495 Chapter 8 Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology: Investment and Economic Returns
551 Annex A Part II: Themes
555 Annex B Bioenergy
560 Annex C Biotechnology
568 Annex D Climate Change
572 Annex E Human Health
575 Annex F Natural Resources Management
576 Annex G Trade and Markets
577 Index