Impacts of Akst on Development and sustainability Goals

Coordinating Lead Authors
  Anne Lucie Raoult-Wack (France), Robin Reid (USA), Charlie Riches
Roger Leakey (Australia) and Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic (Ghana).   (UK), Sara Scherr (USA), Nicole Sibelet (France), Geoff Simm (UK),
    Ludovic Temple (France), Jean-Philippe Tonneau (France), Guy
Lead Authors   Trebuil (France), Steve Twomlow (UK), Tancrède Voituriez (France)
Patrick Caron (France), Peter Craufurd (UK), Adrienne Martin (UK),    
Andy McDonald (USA), Walter Abedini (Argentina), Suraya Afiff   Review Editors
(Indonesia), Ndey Bakurin (Gambia), Steve Bass (UK), Angelika   Tsedeke Abate (Ethiopia) and Lorna Michael Butler (USA)
Hilbeck (Switzerland), Tony Jansen (Australia), Saadia Lhaloui    
(Morocco), Karen Lock (UK), James Newman (USA), Odo Primavesi    
(Brazil), Teresa Sengooba (Uganda)    
    Key Messages
Contributing Authors   3.1 Methodology 147
Mahfuz Ahmed (Bangladesh), Elizabeth Ainsworth (USA), Mubarik   3.2 Assessment and Analysis of AKST Impacts 148
Ali (Pakistan), Martine Antona (France), Patrick Avato (Germany/   3.2.1 Agriculture productivity, production factors and
Italy), Debi Barker (USA), Didier Bazile (France), Pierre-Marie Bosc     consumption 148
(France), Nicolas Bricas (France), Perrine Burnod (France), Joel   3.2.2 Impacts of AKST on sustainability, through integrated
Cohen (USA), Emilie Coudel (France), Michel Dulcire (France),     technologies and the delivery of ecosystem services and
Patrick Dugué (France), Nicholas Faysse (France), Stefano Farolfi     public goods 172
(France), Guy Faure (France), Thierry Goli (France), David Grzywacz   3.2.3 Impacts of AKST on livelihoods, capacity strengthening and
(UK), Henri Hocdé (France), Jacques Imbernon (France), Marcia     empowerment 193
Ishii-Eiteman (USA), Andrew Leakey (USA), Chris Leakey (UK),   3.2.4 Relationships between AKST, coordination and regulatory
Andy Lowe (UK), Ana Marr (UK), Nigel Maxted (UK), Andrew     processes among multiple stakeholders 211
Mears (Botswana), David Molden (USA), Jean-Pierre Muller (France),   3.3 Objectivity of this Analysis 222
Jonathan Padgham (USA), Sylvain Perret (France), Frank Place (USA),   3.4 Lessons and Challenges 222