Context, Conceptual Framework and Sustainability Indicators

Coordinating Lead Authors

Key Messages

Hans Hurni (Switzerland) and Balgis Osman-Elasha (Sudan) 1.1 Setting the Scene 3
  1.1.1 The IAASTD 3
Lead Authors 1.1.2 Agriculture and its global context 5
Audia Barnett (Jamaica), Ann Herbert (USA), Anita Idel (Germany), 1.1.3 Emerging issues 11
Moses Kairo (Kenya), Dely Pascual-Gapasin (Philippines), Juerg 1.2 Conceptual Framework of the IAASTD 12
Schneider (Switzerland), Keith Wiebe (USA) 1.2.1 Framework for analysis—centrality of knowledge 12
  1.2.2 Development and sustainability goals 14
Contributing Authors 1.2.3 Agricultural knowledge, science and technology (AKST) 16
Guéladio Cissé (Cote d’Ivoire), Norman Clark (UK), Manuel 1.2.4 Agrifood systems, agricultural products and services 20
de la Fuente (Bolivia), Berhanu Debele (Ethiopia), Markus 1.2.5 Direct and indirect drivers 25
Giger (Switzerland), Udo Hoeggel (Switzerland), Ulan Kasimov 1.3 Development and Sustainability Issues 26
(Kyrgyzstan), Boniface Kiteme (Kenya), Andreas Klaey (Switzerland), 1.3.1 Poverty and livelihoods 26
Thammarat Koottatep (Thailand), Janice Jiggins (Netherlands), 1.3.2 Hunger, nutrition and human health 30
Ian Maudlin (UK), David Molden (USA), Cordula Ott (Switzerland), 1.3.3 Environment and natural resources 35
Marian Perez Gutierrez (Costa Rica), Brigitte Portner (Switzerland), 1.3.4 Social equity 43
Riikka Rajalahti (Finland), Stephan Rist (Switzerland), Gete Zeleke 1.4 Sustainability Indicators 46
(Ethiopia) 1.4.1 Indicators for the IAASTD 46
  1.4.2 Working with indicators 47
Review Editors 1.4.3 Indicators in the IAASTD 49
Judith Francis (Trinidad and Tobago) and JoAnn Jaffe (Canada)