vii  Foreword
viii Statement by Governments x Preface
x Preface
1 Chapter 1 Setting the Stage
20 Chapter 2 Changes in Agriculture and Food Production in NAE since 1945
79 Chapter 3 Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts of NAE Agriculture and AKST
116 Chapter 4 Changes in the Organization and Institutions of AKST and Consequences for Development and Sustainability Goals
151 Chapter 5 Looking into the Future for Knowledge, Science and Technology and AKST
208 Chapter 6 Options for Action
277 Annex A NAE Authors and Review Editors
279 Annex B Peer Reviewers
281 Annex C Glossary
289 Annex D Acronyms, Abbreviations and Units
292 Annex E Secretariat and Cosponsor Focal Points
293 Annex F Steering Committee for Consultative Process and Advisory Bureau for Assessment
296 Annex G Reservations on NAE Report
297 Annex H Additional NAE Figures and Tables