Annex D
Acronyms, Abbreviations and Units

ACP    African, Caribbean and Pacific
AIDS    Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AKST    Agricultural knowledge, science and
ARI     agricultural research institute
AST    Agricultural science and technology
ATEAM    Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis and
AUV    autonomous underwater vehicles
billion    one thousand million
BSE    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
Bt    soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (usually
refers to plants made insecticidal using a
variant of various cry toxin genes sourced
from plasmids of these bacteria)
C    carbon
CAFTA    Central America Free Trade Agreement
CAP    Common Agricultural Policy
CBD    Convention on Biological Diversity
CDM     Clean Development Mechanism
CEC    Commission of the European Community
CEE    Central and Eastern Europe
CERN    European Organization for Nuclear Research
CGE    computable general equilibrium
CGIAR    Consultative Group on International Agricul-
tural Research
CH4    methane
CIA    US Central Intelligence Agency
CIAT    International Center for Tropical Agriculture
CIFOR    Center for International Forestry Research
CIMMYT    International Maize and Wheat Improvement
CIP    International Potato Center
CIS    Commonwealth of Independent States
CO2    carbon dioxide
COA    certified organic agriculture
Codex    Codex Alimentarius
CSFP    Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
CSO    civil society organization
CWANA    Central and West Asia and North Africa


D&S    development and sustainability
Defra    UK Department of Environment, Food and
Rural Affairs
DFID    UK Department of International Development
DNA    deoxyribonucleic acid
EBPM    ecologically-based pest management
EC    European Commission
EFMN    European Foresight Monitoring Network
EFSA    European Food Safety Authority
EJ    Exajoules
EMBL    European Molecular Biology Laboratory
EPA    US Environmental Protection Agency
EPTA    European Parliamentary Technology
ERS    Economic Research Service of USDA
ESF    European Science Foundation
ESAP    East and South Asia and the Pacific
ETP    European Technology Pleatform
EU    European Union
EUFO    European Futures Observatory
FAO    Food and Agriculture Organization of the
United Nations
FAPRI    Food and Agricultural Policy Research
FDA    US Food and Drug Administration
FFS    farmer field school
FLO    Fair Trade Labeling Organization
FMD    foot and mouth disease
FSR    Farming systems research
FSRE    Farming systems research and extension
FQPA    US Food Quality Protection Act
FSC    Forest Stewardship Council
g    gram (10-3 kg)
GBA    Global Biodiversity Assessment
GCM    general circulation model
GDP    Gross domestic product
GE    genetic engineering/genetically engineered
GEF    Global Environment Facility
GEO    Global Environment Outlook
GFAR    Global Forum for Agricultural Research
GFSI     Global Food Safety Initiative