290 | Annex D

Gg    gigagram (106kg)
GHG    greenhouse gas
GIS    geographic information system
GLASOD    Global assessment of human-induced soil
GM    genetically modified/genetic modification
GMO    genetically modified organism
GNP    Gross National Product
GSG    Global Scenarios Group
Gt    gigaton/gigatonne; 1019 tonnes
GTAP    Global Trade Analysis Project
GURT    Genetic Use Restriction Technologies
ha    hectare (104m2)
HACCP    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
HIV    Human immunodeficiency virus
HR    herbicide resistant
HT    herbicide tolerant
HYV    High yielding variety
IAASTD    International Assessment of Agricultural
Knowledge, Science and Technology for
IARC    International Agricultural Research Center
ICARDA    International Center for Agricultural Research
in the Dry Areas
ICRAF    World Agroforestry Center
ICRISAT    International Crops Research Institute for
Semi-arid Tropics
ICT    information and communication technologies
IEA    International Energy Agency
IFAD    International Fund for Agricultural
IFC    International Finance Corporation
IFI     international financial institution
IFOAM     International Federation of Organic Agricul-
ture Movements
IFPRI     International Food Policy Research Institute
IFS    integrated farming systems
IIASA    International Institute for Applied System
IITA    International Institute for Tropical Agriculture
IK    Indigenous knowledge
ILO    International Labour Organisation
ILRI     International Livestock Research Institute
IMF    International Monetary Fund
INM     Integrated Nutrient Management
INRA    Institut National de la Recherche Agronomi-
que (France)
INRM     Integrated Natural Resources Management
IP    intellectual property
IPCC    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPGRI     Bioversity International
IPM     Integrated pest management


IPNS    Integrated plant nutrient systems
IPPC    International Plant Protection Convention
IPR    intellectual property rights
IPTS    Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
IR    insect resistant
IRR    internal rate of return
IRRI     International Rice Research Institute
IS    innovation systems
ISNM     Integrated soil and nutrient management
ISO    International Organization for
ISPM     International sanitary and phytosanitary
ITU     International Telecommunications Union
IWM     Integrated Weed Management
IWMI     International Water Management Institute
IWRM     Integrated water resources management
K    potassium
kcal    kilocalorie
kg    kilogram, 103 grams
km    kilometer
kWh    kilowatt hour
LAC    Latin America and the Caribbean
LDC    least developed countries
LEISA    Low-External Input Sustainable Agriculture
LIC    low income country
LTSP    Long-Term Soil Productivity
LUC    land use change
m     102cm
MA    Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
MAB/S    marker assisted breeding/selection
MDG    Millennium Development Goals
Mg    magnesium
mg    milligram (10-3 grams)
MIGA    Multilateral Investment Agency
MJ    megajoule
MNC    multinational corporation
MNP    Netherlands Environmental Assessment
MRL    maximum residue level
MSA    mean species abundance
MTA    material transfer agreement
MV    Modern variety
N    nitrogen
NA    North America
NAE    North America and Europe
NAFTA    North American Free Trade Agreement
NARS    national agricultural research systems
NBF    National Biosafety Frameworks
NFMA    US National Forest Management Act
NFP    national forest program
ng    nanogram (10-9 grams)