Annex G

Reservations on NAE Report

Canada: In recognizing the important and significant work un­dertaken by IAASTD authors, Secretariat and stakeholders on the background Reports, the Canadian Government notes these docu­ments as a valuable and important contribution to policy debate which needs to continue in national and international processes. While  acknowledging the  valuable  contribution  these  Reports provide to our understanding on agricultural knowledge, science and technology for development, there remain numerous areas of concern in terms of balanced presentation, policy suggestions and other assertions and ambiguities. Nonetheless, the Canadian Gov­ernment advocates these reports be drawn to the attention of gov­ernments for consideration in addressing the importance of AKST and its large potential to contribute to economic growth and the reduction of hunger and poverty.


United States of America: The United States joins consensus with other governments in the critical importance of AKST to meet the goals of the IAASTD. We commend the tireless efforts of the authors, editors, Co-Chairs and the Secretariat. We welcome the IAASTD for bringing together the widest array of stakeholders for the first time in an initiative of this magnitude. We respect the wide diversity of views and healthy debate that took place.
     As we have specific and substantive concerns in each of the reports, the United States is unable to provide unqualified endorse­ment of the reports, and we have noted them.
     The United States believes the Assessment has potential for stimulating further deliberation and research. Further, we acknowl­edge the reports are a useful contribution for consideration by governments of the role of AKST in raising sustainable economic growth and alleviating hunger and poverty.