Annex B
Peer Reviewers

Peter Neuenschwander • IITA
Brad Fraleigh • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Edward Gregorich • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
H. Henry Janzen • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Robert MacGregor • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Priyadarshini Mir • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Radhey Pandeya • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Mette Stjernholm Meldgaard • IFOAM and The Danish Associa-
tion for Organic Farming
Malcolm Beveridge • WorldFish Center
Jukka Peltola • MTT
Riikka Rajalahti • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jan van Aken • Greenpeace International
Piero Morandini • University of Milan
Armando Paredes • Consejo Coordinador Empresarial
Johan C. van Lenteren • IOBC Global
Eugenia Serova • IET, Center AFE
Gunnela Gustafson • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Alain Gaume • AGROSCOPE
United Kingdom
Michael Abberton • Institute for Grasslands and Environmental
UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
UK Department for International Development


Emma Hennesey • DEFRA
Mervyn Humphreys • Institute for Grasslands and Environmen
Patrick Mulvaney • Practical Action National Family Farm
Patience Purdy • National Council of Women of Great Britain
John Reynolds • Northeast BioFuels, Ltd.
Jerry Rider • TFK
Pete Riley • GM Freeze
Reyes Tirado • Greenpeace International
Stephanie Williamson • Pesticide Action Network, UK
United States
Patrick Avato • The World Bank
Philip L. Bereano • University of Washington
Charles Bertsch • US Department of Agriculture
Lynn Brown • The World Bank
Marilyn Buford • U.S. Forest Service
Tom Buis • National Farmers Union
Cheryl Christensen • US Department of Agriculture
Douglas Constance • Sam Houston State University
Tom Crow • US Forest Service
Kenneth A. Dahlberg • Western Michigan University
David Darr • US Forest Service
Mary Dix • US Department of Agriculture
Norman Ellstrand • University of California, Riverside
Karin Ferriter • US Patent and Trademark Office
Steven Finch • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Jaeda Harmon • Oxfam America
Gregory Jaffe • Center for Science in the Public Interest
Willem Janssen • World Bank
John Jefferies • US Department of Agriculture
Randy Johnson • US Forest Service
Susan Koehler • US Department of Agriculture
World Nieh • US Forest Service
Susan J. Owens • US Department of Agriculture
Margaret Reeves • Pesticide Action Network North America
Al Riebau • US Forest Service
Jill Roland • US Department of Agriculture
Marc Safley • US Department of Agriculture
Sara Scherr • Ecoagriculture Partners
Seth Shames • Ecoagriculture Partners
Jimmy Smith • World Bank
Doreen Stabinsky • College of the Atlantic
Kitisri Sukhapinda • US Patent and Trademark Office
Bea VanHorne • US Forest Service
Pai-Yei Whung • US Department of Agriculture