278 | Annex A

Yuriy Nesterov • Heifer International
United Kingdom
Michael Appleby • World Society for the Protection of Animals,
Joanna Chataway • Open University
Janet Cotter • Greenpeace International, University of Exeter
Barbara Dinham • Pesticide Action Network
Les Firbank • North Wyke Research
Anil Graves • Cranfield University
Andrea Grundy • National Farmers' Union
Brian Johnson • Independent
Peter Lutman • Rothamsted Research
John Marsh • Independent
Mara Miele • Cardiff University
Selyf Morgan • Cardiff University
Joe Morris • Cranfield University
Gerard Porter • University of Edinburgh
Paresh Shah • London Higher
Joyce Tait • University of Edinburgh
K.J. Thomson • University of Aberdeen
Bill Vorley • International Institute for Environment and


United States
Molly D. Anderson • Food Systems Integrity
David Andow • University of Minnesota
Dave Bjorneberg • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Rodney Brown • Brigham Young University
Rebecca Burt • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Randy L. Davis • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Denis Ebodaghe • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Paul Guillebeau • University of Georgia
Mary Hendrickson • University of Missouri
William Heffernan • University of Missouri
Kenneth Hinga • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Uford Madden • Florida A&M University
Elizabeth Ransom • University of Richmond
Peter Reich • University of Minnesota
Michael Schechtman • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Leonid Sharashkin • Independent
Pai-Yei Whung • U.S. Department of Agriculture
Angus Wright • California State University, Sacramento