vii Statement by Governments
viii Foreword
ix Preface
1 Chapter 1 Setting the Scene: The Sub-Saharan Africa Context
14 Chapter 2 Typology and Evolution of Production, Distribution and Consumption Systems
49 Chapter 3 AKST: Generation, Access, Adaptation, Adoption and Effectiveness
81 Chapter 4 Food Systems and Agricultural Products and Services toward 2050
97 Chapter 5 Options for Action: Generation, Access and Application of AKST
129 Annex A SSA Authors and Review Editors
131 Annex B Peer Reviewers
132 Annex C Glossary
140 Annex D Acronyms, Abbreviations and Units
144 Annex E Secretariat and Cosponsor Focal Points
145 Annex F Steering Committee For Consultative Process and Advisory Bureau for Assessment
149 Index