Looking Forward: Policies, Institutional and Organizational Arrangements for AKST Development and Application

Coordinating Lead Authors:
Ruba Al-Zoubi (Jordan), Mohamed Moussaoui (Morocco)

Lead Authors:
Roy Abijaoude (Lebanon), Mohamed Abo El Wafa Gad (Egypt),
Mukhtar Ali (Pakistan), Nour Chachaty (Syria), Alessandra GaliƩ
(Italy), Ashot Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Sanginov Rajabovich
(Tajikistan), Ahsan Wagha (Pakistan), Lokman Zaibet (Tunisia)

Contributing Authors:
Sandjar Djalalov (Uzbekistan), Alisher Tashmatov (Uzbekistan)

Review Editors:
Gulcan Eraktan (Turkey), Fahri Yavuz (Turkey)


Key Messages

4.1 Implications of Future Challenges for AKST-Related Policies 99
  4.1.1 Market and trade issues 99 Trade arrangements 99 Trade negotiations: more integration 100 Recurrent and newer issues 100 Regional links: the EU-CAP reform 100 Food safety and product quality 100
  4.1.2 Pricing policies 101
  4.1.3 Research policy for NRM 102
  4.1.4 Investment and funding policy 104
  4.1.5 Intellectual property rights policy 104
4.2 Implications of Future Challenges for AKST-Related Institutions and Organizations 105
  4.2.1 Cooperation 105
  4.2.2 Capacity building for innovation 107
  4.2.3 Governance and information 108 Governance principles 108 Transparency and accountability 108 Information technology 109
  4.2.4 Social factors 110
4.3 Options for Strengthening AKST Future Effectiveness 112
  4.3.1 Options to improve AKST generation 112
  4.3.2 Options to improve AKST access and use 114
  4.2.3 Options to activate enabling factors of AKST generation and application 114