vi Foreword
vii Preface
1 Executive Summary of Synthesis Report
2 Statement by Governments
3 Executive Summary
12 Annex. Reservations on Executive Summary
13 Synthesis Report
15 Statement by Governments on Synthesis Report
17 Part I: Current Conditions, Challenges and Options for Action
35 Part II: Themes
35 Bioenergy
40 Biotechnology
46 Climate Change
53 Human Health
59 Natural Resources Management
65 Trade and Markets
71 Traditional and Local Knowledge and Community-based Innovations
75 Women in Agriculture
81 Annex A    Reservations on Synthesis Report
82 Annex B    Authors and Review Editors of Global and Sub-Synthesis Reports
89 Annex C     Peer Reviewers
92 Annex D    Secretariat and Cosponsor Focal Points
93 Annex E    Steering Committee for Consultative Process and Advisory Bureau for Assessment