Annex E

Steering Committee for Consultative Process and Advisory
Bureau for Assessment

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee was established to oversee the
consultative process and recommend whether an international
assessment was needed, and if so, what was the goal, the scope,
the expected outputs and outcomes, governance and management
structure, location of the Secretariat and funding strategy.

Louise Fresco, Assistant Director General for Agriculture, FAO
Seyfu Ketema, Executive Secretary, Association for Strengthening
Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa (ASARECA)
Claudia Martinez Zuleta, Former Deputy Minister of the
Environment, Colombia
Rita Sharma, Principal Secretary and Rural Infrastructure
Commissioner, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India
Robert T. Watson, Chief Scientist, The World Bank

Nongovernmental Organizations
Benny Haerlin, Advisor, Greenpeace International
Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, Senior Scientist, Pesticide Action Network
North America Regional Center (PANNA)
Monica Kapiriri, Regional Program Officer for NGO
Enhancement and Rural Development, Aga Khan
Raymond C. Offenheiser, President, Oxfam America
Daniel Rodriguez, International Technology Development Group
(ITDG), Latin America Regional Office, Peru

UN Bodies
Ivar Baste, Chief, Environment Assessment Branch, UN
Environment Programme
Wim van Eck, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Development and
Healthy Environments, World Health Organization
Joke Waller-Hunter, Executive Secretary, UN Framework
Convention on Climate Change
Hamdallah Zedan, Executive Secretary, UN Convention on
Biological Diversity

At-large Scientists
Adrienne Clarke, Laureate Professor, School of Botany, University
of Melbourne, Australia
Denis Lucey, Professor of Food Economics, Dept. of Food
Business & Development, University College Cork, Ireland,
and Vice-President NATURA
Vo-tong Xuan, Rector, Angiang University, Vietnam

Private Sector
Momtaz Faruki Chowdhury, Director, Agribusiness Center for
Competitiveness and Enterprise Development, Bangladesh


Sam Dryden, Managing Director, Emergent Genetics
David Evans, Former Head of Research and Technology, Syngenta
Steve Parry, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Development
Program Leader, Unilever
Mumeka M. Wright, Director, Bimzi Ltd., Zambia

Consumer Groups
Michael Hansen, Consumers International
Greg Jaffe, Director, Biotechnology Project, Center for Science in
the Public Interest
Samuel Ochieng, Chief Executive, Consumer Information

Producer Groups
Mercy Karanja, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya National Farmers'
Prabha Mahale, World Board, International Federation Organic
Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Tsakani Ngomane, Director Agricultural Extension Services,
Department of Agriculture, Limpopo Province, Republic of
South Africa
Armando Paredes, Presidente, Consejo Nacional Agropecuario

Scientific Organizations
Jorge Ardila Vásquez, Director Area of Technology and
Innovation, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on
Agriculture (IICA)
Samuel Bruce-Oliver, NARS Senior Fellow, Global Forum for
Agricultural Research Secretariat
Adel El-Beltagy, Chair, Center Directors Committee, Consultative
Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
Carl Greenidge, Director, Center for Rural and Technical
Cooperation, Netherlands
Mohamed Hassan, Executive Director, Third World Academy of
Sciences (TWAS)
Mark Holderness, Head Crop and Pest Management, CAB
Charlotte Johnson-Welch, Public Health and Gender
Specialist and Nata Duvvury, Director Social Conflict and
Transformation Team, International Center for Research on
Women (ICRW)
Thomas Rosswall, Executive Director, International Council for
Science (ICSU)
Judi Wakhungu, Executive Director, African Center for
Technology Studies