Annex F
Secretariat and Cosponsor Focal Points

World Bank
Marianne Cabraal, Leonila Castillo, Jodi Horton, Betsi Isay,
Pekka Jamsen, Pedro Marques, Beverly McIntyre, Wubi
Mekonnen, June Remy
Marcus Lee, Nalini Sharma, Anna Stabrawa
Guillen Calvo
With special thanks to the Publications team: Audrey Ringler
(logo design), Pedro Marques (proofing and graphics), Ketill
Berger and Eric Fuller (graphic design)
Regional Institutes
Sub-Saharan Africa – African Centre for Technology Studies
Ronald Ajengo, Elvin Nyukuri, Judi Wakhungu

Central and West Asia and North Africa – International Center
for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)
Mustapha Guellouz, Lamis Makhoul, Caroline Msrieh-Seropian,
Ahmed Sidahmed, Cathy Farnworth
Latin America and the Caribbean – Inter-American Institute for
Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)
Enrique Alarcon, Jorge Ardila Vásquez, Viviana Chacon, Johana
Rodríguez, Gustavo Sain
East and South Asia and the Pacific – WorldFish Center
Karen Khoo, Siew Hua Koh, Li Ping Ng, Jamie Oliver, Prem
Chandran Venugopalan
Cosponsor Focal Points
GEF                   Mark Zimsky
UNDP                Philip Dobie
UNEP                Ivar Baste
UNESCO          Salvatore Arico, Walter Erdelen
WHO                 Jorgen Schlundt
World Bank      Mark Cackler, Kevin Cleaver, Eija Pehu,

             Juergen Voegele