Annex D

Acronyms, Abbreviations and Units

ADB Asian Development Bank   CWANA Central and West Asia and North Africa
ACIAR Australian Centre International Agricultural   DFID UK Department for International Development
  Research   DRC Domestic Resource Cost
AI Artificial Insemination   DSS Decision Support System
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome   EDV essentially derived variety
AKF Aga Khan Foundation   EJ Exajoules
AKST Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and   EPA US Environmental Protection Agency
  Technology   ESAP East and South Asia and Pacific
AMS Aggregate measure of support   ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and
AoA Agreement on Agriculture     the Pacific
APAARI Asia Pacific Association of Agricultural Research   ET embryo transfer
  Institutions   EU European Union
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation   HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
APOP Agricultural Products Options Program   FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United
APRN Asia Pacific Research Network     Nations
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations   FDI foreign direct investment
AVRDC Asian Vegetable Research and Development   FITS Farmers Information and Technology Service
  Centre   FFS Farmer Field School
billion one thousand million   FSC Forest Stewardship Council
BIMSTEC Bengal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical and   FTA Free trade agreement
  Economic Cooperation   FTO Freedom to operate
BPL Below the Poverty Line   GATT General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs
BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee   GDP Gross Domestic Product
Bt soil bacterium  (usually refers to plants made   GE genetically engineered
  insecticidal using a variant of various toxin   GEF Global Environment Facility
  genes sourced from plasmids of these bacteria)   GFAR Global Forum on Agricultural Research
BTA bilateral trade agreement   GHG greenhouse gas
C carbon   GIFT Genetically Improved Fish Tilapia
Ca calcium   GIS Geographic information systems
CA Comprehensive Assessment of Water   GLASOD Global Assessment of Human Induced Soil
  Management in Agriculture     Degradation
CAC Codex Alimentarius Commission   GMO Genetically Modified Organisms
CAFTA Central American Free Trade Agreement   GNI gross national income
CAP European Common Agricultural Policy   GTZ German Agency for Technical Cooperation
CAPHP commercial animal and plant health protection   GURT Genetic Use Restriction Technologies
CBD Convention on Biological Diversity   ha hectare
CDM Clean Development Mechanism   HDI human development index
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural   HIV human immunodeficiency virus
  Research   HPI human poverty index
CIAT Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical   HYV high yielding variety
CIMMYT Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y   IAASTD International Assessment of Agricultural
  Trigo     Knowledge, Science and Technology for
CIP International Potato Center     Development
CIPR Commission on Intellectual Property Rights   IARC International Agricultural Research Center
CITES Convention on International Trade in   ICA International Coffee Agreement
  Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora   ICAR Indian Council for Agricultural Research
CPB Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety   ICT Information and communication technologies
CSO Civil Society Organization   IDRC International Development Research Centre