Agricultural Change and Plausible Futures

Coordinating Lead Authors:
Abdin Zein El-Abdin (Sudan), Syed Wajid H. Pirzada (Pakistan)

Lead Authors:
Jamal M. Abo Omar (Palestine), Sajid Kazmi (Pakistan), Rafael G.Litvak (Kyrgyz Republic)

Contributing Authors:
Younis Al Akhzami (Oman), Abdallah Muhammad Omezzine (Oman)

Review Editors:
Mustapha Guellouz (Tunisia) and Hamid Siadat (Iran)

3.1 Introduction and Scope 84
3.2 Method 85
3.3 Key Drivers of Agricultural Change 85
  3.3.1 Direct drivers 86 Economic drivers 86 Food demand and consumption patterns 87 Natural and agricultural resource management 88 Land and water resource management 89 Climate change 90 Energy 91 Human resources and feminization of agriculture 91 AKST investment, indigenous knowledge and transgenics 92
  3.3.2 Indirect drivers 93 Demographics and human health 93 Sociopolitical drivers 93