Annex A
CWANA Authors and Review Editors

Ashot Hovhannisian • Ministry of Agriculture

Maria Wurzinger • University of Natural Resources & Applied
Life Sciences

Sonia Ali • Zagarid University
Ahmed Abd Alwahed Rafea • American University of Cairo
Mohamed Abo El wafa Mahmoud Gad • GTZ
Azza Emara • Agricultural Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center

Jean Albergel • IRD Department of Earth and Environment
Celine Dutilly-Diane • CIRAD
Alia Gana • National Center for Scientific Research CNRS/ LADYSSSelma
Tozanli • Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier

Hamid Siadat • Independent

Saad M. Alayyash • Jordan Badia Research and Development Center
Ruba Al-Zubi • Ministry of Environment
Mahmud Duwayri • University of Jordan
Muna Yacoub Hindiyeh • Jordan University of Science and Technology
Lubna Qaryouti • Ministry of Agriculture/Rangeland Directorate
Rania Suleiman Shatnawi • Ministry of Environment

Rafael Litvak • Research Institute of Irrigation Lebanon
Roy Antoine Abijaoude • Holy Spirit University


Mohamed Moussaoui • Independent


Younis Al Akhzami • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Dawood Al-Yahyai • Marine Sciences and Fisheries Centre
Abdallah Mohamed Omezzine • University of Nizwa, Oman


Iftikhar Ahmad • National Agricultural Research Centre
Mukhtar Ahmad Ali • Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives
Yameen Memon • Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society
Farzana Panhwar • SINDTH Rural Women’s Uplift Group
Syed Wajid Pirzada • Pakistan Agricultural Research Center
Abid Suleri • Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)
Ahsan Wagha • Damaan Development Organization/GEF/SGP

Jamal Abo Omar • AnNajah National University
Jad E Isaac • Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem
Thameen Hijawi • Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)
Numan Mizyed • An-Najah National University
Azzam Saleh • Al-Quds University

Ali Taha Ayoub • Ahfal University for Women
Asha El Karib • ACORD
Aggrey Majok • Independent
Ahmed S.M. El Wakeel • NBSAP (a UNDP-IUCN-HCENR Project)

Christoph Studer • Swiss College of Agriculture

Nour Chachaty • Independent
Alessandra Galie • ICARDA
Stefania Grando • ICARDA
Theib Yousef Oweis • ICARDA
Manzoor Qadir • ICARDA
Kamil H. Shideed • ICARDA

Sanginov Sanginboy Rajabovich • Soil Science Research Institute of Agrarian Academy of Sciences

Mohamed Annabi • Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de Tunisie
Rym Ben Zid • Independent
Mustapha Guellouz • IAASTD CWANA, DSIPS – Diversification Program, ICARDA
Kawther Latiri • Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de Tunisie